The new DECT Registration

Pre­vious­ly, each pho­ne had to be regis­te­red indi­vi­dual­ly by the Pho­ne Ope­ra­ti­on Cen­ter (PoC) or the PoC Hel­pdesk. This always led to long queu­es and wai­ting times at the begin­ning of events. With our old Alca­tel tele­pho­ne sys­tem the­re was tech­ni­cal­ly no pos­si­bi­li­ty to par­al­le­li­ze the pro­cess. With 2500 DECT pho­nes like the 34C3, this is no lon­ger real­ly easy to imple­ment. Assuming an opti­mistic 30 seconds per log­in, it takes 21 hours. It took more than two days until all devices were regis­te­red. As an inte­rim solu­ti­on we had the queue num­be­ring sys­tem PoC Queue to limit the wai­ting time for the users to a maxi­mum of 30 minu­tes. Of cour­se, this is not a real­ly good solu­ti­on and unsui­ta­ble for growth.

We are now tes­ting new hard­ware and have deve­lo­ped the soft­ware our­sel­ves to sol­ve this (and other) pro­blems. The aim is for every user to be able to regis­ter their tele­pho­ne them­sel­ves if they are clo­se to a DECT base sta­ti­on.

How does the self-registration work?

Eventphone Process
Regis­ter, Reser­ve, Con­nect, Claim, Call.

First of all, you need an exten­si­on in the Gene­ric User Regis­tra­ti­on Uti­li­ty (GURU). If you don’t have an account yet, crea­te one.

Eventphone Register Account
Regis­ter a new account.
Eventphone Login
Event­pho­ne Log­in.
Eventphone Notification
Regis­ter Account.
Eventphone Register E-Mail
Event­pho­ne regis­tra­ti­on E-Mail.
Eventphone Account Activation
Account activa­ted.

If you have an account, you log in to GURU3 with your user­na­me and pass­word. Click on My Exten­si­ons in the Bur­ger Menu in the upper right cor­ner and then on Add Exten­si­ons for the respec­tive event and fill in the fields accord­in­gly. The DECT hand­set is important. Enter your desi­red four-digit num­ber in “Exten­si­on”. Cur­r­ent­ly the­re is no spe­cial logic or auto­maton (yet). You can dial a num­ber bet­ween 2100 and 8999. If the desi­red num­ber is occu­pied, you will get an error mes­sa­ge and have to choo­se ano­t­her one. Plea­se under­stand that the num­ber blocks 1000 – 1999 are reser­ved for the Orga, 2000 – 2099 for the PoC and 9000 – 9999 for Ser­vices and can only be assi­gned by PoC Admins.

Eventphone My Extensions
My Exten­si­ons (still) empty.
Eventphone New Extension
Crea­te a new exten­si­on.
Eventphone My Extensions
Crea­ted new exten­si­on.

If you have a reser­ved exten­si­on, you can con­nect your pho­ne to the DECT net­work. This works dif­fer­ent­ly for each model. Usual­ly the­re are set­tings in the menu that allow the hand­set to be con­nec­ted to a new net­work.
With the com­mon Sie­mens devices the way is: Set­tings -> Hand­set -> Regis­ter MT -> select a base -> Pin = 0000 -> OK. For AASTRA devices the way is: Set­tings –> Sys­tem –> New sys­tem –> 0000 –> OK –> OK.
Then the pho­ne con­nec­ted to the net­work and you have a tem­pora­ry num­ber. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

DECT Anmeldung 01

DECT Anmeldung 02

DECT Anmeldung 03

DECT Anmeldung 04

DECT Anmeldung 05















When you are con­nec­ted to the net­work, you have to tell the pho­ne which num­ber it should “lis­ten” to. In the Guru you will find a key next to your desi­red exten­si­on. If you click on the key, you will see the cor­re­spon­ding claim token. You dial it with your tele­pho­ne: so you type in the claim token with the keys and press the “pick up but­ton” (often a green hand­set).

DECT Claim Token

DECT Testcall

Now your pho­ne is regis­te­red and you can use it. For tes­ting you can call 0311.

Eventphone My Extensions Edit
Edit exten­si­on.

You can make chan­ges to your exten­si­on by cli­cking on the pen.

We also made a video on this topic. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it is in Ger­man only: