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Eventphone Decentralised DECT Infrastructure (working title was: Deutschland DECT) makes it possible - decentrally - to operate one or more DECT antennas and thus to expand an existing event with DECT telephony at any location.

EPDDI is usually operated during those chaos-related events that also offer DECT and SIP on-site.
The permanent and event-independent EPVPN is a separate setup and currently does not support EPDDI.

Desired situation

 Mitel antennas, MikroTik router and TP-Link PoE injectorKim wants to operate a DECT antenna in her hackerspace. She finds a manual in the Eventphone Wiki that describes which hardware (routers & antennas) are compatible and how she can use them. She downloads a script from GURU, copies it to her router and executes it. The router is then automatically provisioned and establishes a VPN to the Eventphone system. The connected RFP (antenna) is then also provisioned. From this moment on, within the range of the antenna, DECT telephones can be registered with the system and calls can be made. Router and antenna are automatically kept up to date.


What hardware do I need?

You need a dedicated router connected to the Internet, an IP DECT antenna with power supply (power supply unit or PoE) and the appropriate cabling.

Compatible RFPs (antennas)

Since we use SIP-DECT > 8.1, only Mitel 3rd generation (RFP 35 IP, 36 IP, 37 IP, 37 DRC, 43 WLAN) IP DECT RFPs or 4th generation (RFP 44, 45, 47, 47 DRC, 48) IP DECT RFPs will work.

Attention! It is not easy to deduce the generation of the antenna from the numbers in the designation. It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that the first digit says something about the generation. This is not true. RFP 32, 34 or RFP 42, for example, are generation 2 RFPs and no longer work on the Eventphone system. Generation 2 and 3 RFPs are visually distinguished by two features. Generation 3 RFPs have cooling fins on the back and a USB port, Generation 2 RFPs do not. We also explain the differences in our 36C3 talk starting at 10:19. The Generation 4 RFPs differ in design. They are smaller and square (15 x 15 cm).

Compatible routers

MikroTik Router hex (also lite), hap (also lite) or RBx

We have a limited number of routers that we can also configure in advance. Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Commissioning documentation

The documentation for the commissioning of an EPDDI RFP can be found here: Integrating EPDDI Router & RFP into the Eventphone Network.

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