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SIP Configuration hints

These notes refer to SIP extensions on temporary events.
EPVPN related Information can be found here: EPVPN.

Attention! 90% of errors occur because of using the wrong passwords. Please make sure that you use the password from the correct event.

SIP Server-Settings

MyExtensions → click the key icon next to your SIP number and take the credentials from the tooltip.


Using IPv6 requires a different hostname. Please use:


Software / Apps


Chaos Communication Camp 2023:
After activation you can be reached by +49 3307 479 87 xxxx, where xxxx is your extension.
More information on:

Sometimes during Events: +49 5361 890286 Extension

Dial-in over EPVPN: +49 221 59619 Extension

Please note: Dial-in from networks of some telephone providers does not work because the number is too long.

According to a recommendation of the International Telecommunication Union, telephone numbers in Germany can be up to 13 digits long. Some providers stick strictly to the rules, others are flexible. In this case, the only thing that helps is to try it out.


There is no dialout.

Users on the event can call the EPVPN users by the prefix 01999.

Please note: It is not possible to set up a forwarding from a temporary event to an EPVPN extension and vice versa. EPVPN is a stand-alone system and is very different to the temporary systems we use at events. It will only work with SIP extensions and small groups. Functions like forwarding, announcements, ringback tones, pause in groups, Multiring, EPDDI and DECT, known from the events, do not exist.

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