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Mitel 6xx c/d Handsets

The Handset Series 6xx are the native handsets for the Mitel SIP-DECT Infrastructure.

There are currently the following models:

Handsetname Color display Vibration motor Bluetooth proprietarySD slot USB port IP65 CATiq Latest firmware HW revision End of sale end of support
610d 5.0.0.SP5 2 most likely
620d 5.0.0.SP5 2 most likely
630d 5.0.0.SP5 2 most likely
650c ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
612d 7.4.5 3.0.v2.6.12
622d 7.4.5 ?
632d 7.4.5 ?
612dV2 7.4.5 4.0.v2.6.12
622dV2 7.4.5 4.0.v2.6.22
632dV2 7.4.5 ?

It is currently unclear to me if there any other hardware revisions out there.

DECT Infrastructure measurements

Receive strength indicator

Maybe all handsets support enabling a test mode for testing the receive strength of up to 4 dect base stations.

  • Go into the menu
  • Type * * * 7 6 #
  • You are seeing the “Service” menu now.
  • Firmware 5.0.0SP5
    • Enable “site survey”
  • Firmware 7.4.5
    • Go into submenu “Test/Trace”
    • Enable “site survey”

DECT Measure Mode

It is also possible to display all surrounding dect base stations in firmware 7.4.5.

  • Go into the menu
  • Type * * * 7 6 #
  • You are seeing the “Service” menu now.
  • Go into submenu “Test/Trace”
  • Go into “DECT Measure Mode”

Test/Trace menu structure

Handsets with the 7.4.5 firmware can be switched into a test/trace mode. The default menu structure will be replaced with a menu structure suitable for testing and measurement.

  • Go into the menu
  • Type * * * 7 6 #
  • You are seeing the “Service” menu now.
  • Go into submenu “Data management”
  • Change “Menu structure” to “Test/Trace”


The phone can be charged (slowly) with power through the usb port.

The USB-Port can be used to transfer the phonebook or update the firmware.

SD-Card slot

The SD card needs to be specially formatted by Mitel. It contains a new DECT portable part identifier. The SD card will be used by the phone to store all configuration and user data including the identifier on the sd card.

Anyone out there with an image of such an sd card?

Firmware update

The firmware can be updated by using the USB port or by update over-the-air.

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