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Port 389 (636 with SSL) TLS and SSL are supported
Version 3
Base DN dc=eventphone,dc=de
Username ou=<event> bind is optional and only needed to select a specific event
Password $random you can choose any password you like

We currently only support simple bind and for SASL bind only the mechanism PLAIN & ANONYMOUS. You are not required to bind - the Login is only to be able to select a specific event, if multiple events are running in parallel. If you can't bind as a specific user, you can also filter the event via the search base ou=<event>, dc=eventphone, dc=de.

Since we migrated EPVPN, there are always two events running in parallel, so please use the search base or bind with the corresponding event.

If the server decides, that something is wrong with your client or request, it will behave according to RFC4511 Section 5.3


Name Description Example
cn Extension 2000
sn Name PoC Hotline
l Location PoC
telephoneNumber Extension 2000
ou Event EPVPN


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