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Port 389 (636 with SSL) TLS and SSL are supported
Version 3
Base DN dc=eventphone,dc=de
Username ou=<event> bind is optional and only needed to select a specific event
Password $random you can choose any password you like

We currently only support simple bind and for SASL bind only the mechanism PLAIN & ANONYMOUS. You are not required to bind - the Login is only to be able to select a specific event, if multiple events are running in parallel. If you can't bind as a specific user, you can also filter the event via the search base ou=<event>, dc=eventphone, dc=de.

Since we migrated EPVPN, there are always two events running in parallel, so please use the search base, bind with the corresponding event or use a default search filter to restrict the results like ou=EPVPN or (!(ou=EPVPN)).

If the server decides, that something is wrong with your client or request, it will behave according to RFC4511 Section 5.3


Name Description Example
cn Extension 2000
sn Name PoC Hotline
l Location PoC
telephoneNumber Extension 2000
ou Event EPVPN


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