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 {{:​doku-user-search-result.png?​800|}} {{:​doku-user-search-result.png?​800|}}
-If you want tho give the user his token, ask him for his username and be sure this is really "​his"​ username, so ask him for his mail adress or other details he need to know. 
 ===== Add User extention ===== ===== Add User extention =====
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 {{:​wiki:​send-pw.png?​800|}} {{:​wiki:​send-pw.png?​800|}}
 ==== user has filled in a wrong email address ==== ==== user has filled in a wrong email address ====
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 User should send an email to User should send an email to
 +===== User needs the Token =====
 +If the user needs the token, ask for the user name.\\ ​
 +To be sure ask also for the email address or other details from the account.
 ===== Register new DECT ===== ===== Register new DECT =====
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