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CERT Emergency System

The CERT Emergency System (CERTES) is a high availability emergency messaging and evacuation system.


  • 60 concurrent notification calls
  • virtually unlimited emergency groups
  • default/selectable emergency group
  • 10 concurrent emergency messages
  • access restriction
  • web based management of emergency lists
  • voice message broadcast
  • Database based user management
  • choosable acknowledgement of emergency call messages
  • Scaleable system, up to 5000 user calls per emergency message
  • multi language support


  1. Emergency sender (ES) dials the CERTES extension
  2. the system answers with “This is the Cert emergency system. Please enter your access code now”
  3. ES dials the free choosable access code
  4. the system answers with “code okay - Please record your message after the tone and press hash when you are finished
  5. ES records his emergency message followed by the ”#“ key
  6. the system answers with “Sending your message to the recipients”
  7. all recipients in the emergency list are called and can hear the emergency message.

It's also possible to force the recipients to acknowledge the emergency message by pressing a code which will be told at the end of the message, Only then the system will not try to call the user again.

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