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Alcatel Handset Configuration

Phone Registration

Eventphone Registration at the PoC Helpdesk for Alcatel Handsets is similar to regular DECT phones. Things to configure:

  • In the registration mask, set the phone type to GAP+ and tick call by name to enable the phone book.
  • Ensure that the user's handset is in subscription mode. The mode looks like this on a Mobile Reflexes 100:

  • Start the Eventphone registration then hit OK on the handset to subscribe

If the mode can't be accessed, the user might reset their handset EEPROM to clear previous phone system associations.

Clearing the EEPROM on Handsets

Mobile Reflexes 100-400

  • Turn off phone
  • Hold and then turn on the phone
  • You should now see the maintenance menu
  • Choose 4 RESET EEPROM, then hit OK
  • The handset should now be in subscription mode
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