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DECT Phone Compatibility List v2

This is a list of phones known as definitely working or definitely not working.
All phones not listed in the below categories/manufacturers are untested or unknown.
If you have a phone not listed feel free to drop us an email with the exact phonetype and we'll try to find out if it really conforms to GAP standard or not.
you can contact us here: poc at eventphone dot de


If you are going to buy a new phone for an event, keep in mind that a Gigaset will most likely work. They have proven to be the most compatible with our system.

known as working

  • Gigaset A415
  • Gigaset 3000 Comfort
  • Gigaset C430

known as partially not working

  • Telekom Sinus 207 Pack (token registration does not work, only inbound calls on temporary number)

known as not working

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