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 ===== apps ===== ===== apps =====
 +There may be native support for a CardDAV/​CalDAV provider / phonebook available for your device.
 +If not or you prefer to use a good open source solution we like to point you to:
 {{:​carddav:​android:​davx5_icon_green_bg.png?​90 |}}[[https://​|DAVx⁵]] {{:​carddav:​android:​davx5_icon_green_bg.png?​90 |}}[[https://​|DAVx⁵]]
   * get it on [[https://​​en/​packages/​at.bitfire.davdroid|F-Droid]] for free   * get it on [[https://​​en/​packages/​at.bitfire.davdroid|F-Droid]] for free
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 Start DAVx⁵ ​ Start DAVx⁵ ​
 +... HowTo is work in progress ...
 Go to Go to
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